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The ongoing digitalization trend, has brought in the convergence of the formerly independent media platforms and their markets. Film and television, IT and consumer electronics, telecommunication, games, social media, exhibitions and events have now begun to grow in coexistence. Old value chains have started to dissolve. New players, revenue generation models and formats have started emerging and Contents are no longer exclusively created for a single media platform.

The demand for creative artists who work in multimedia script development as well as for producers of cross-platform productions and cross-media marketing is seeing an upward swing. Animation-based workflows represent the artistic and technical basis for the entertainment industry and, especially in its real-time variants, for the entire digital creative industry.

Accordingly, the Multimedia and Animation programs offered at Aniframes cover a variety of contents. Students with manifold specializations in terms of contents coming from different departments collaborate and are engaged in cross batch initiatives. They also realize complex projects in practice-oriented teams.

Concept & Art concentrates on developing and shaping ideas. These are the point of departure for themes, stories and visuals. Students of the subject areas Animation and Multimedia jointly develop animation-based concepts, formats and worlds. The starting point for an application is an idea: the very same story can be the basis for an animated short movie, a TV series, a movie, a computer game, an interactive application, an iPhone-App or any other animation-based format.

Animation & Effects concentrates on the realization of ideas. All production technologies are available to our students, Computer animation, cartoon, stop motion, clay, real-time animation, documentaries and live action movies. In any case, a practice-oriented workflow is important – from preproduction using concept art, storyboard, layout or pre visualization over the actual production to postproduction and distribution.

Students who are interested in Character Animation will mainly create animated short films. These can be either individual artistic works or training environments for other animation-based formats. The main objectives are to develop credible characters and to bring them to life. Students interested in Visual Effects combine real footage and computer generated elements to create believable photorealistic pictures. This includes the design and the integration of digital sets, props, effects and characters.

The field of study covers designing and planning of effect scenes, pre-visualizations and also involves set creation, recording of real footage, production of computer-animated footage, compositing and finishing. All of this is realized in the context of motion pictures, advertising films, documentaries or fiction films in collaboration with the respective departments.

The Multimedia programs offered by Aniframes train students to become media concept developers and media producers. All students work in teams, cross-departmentally as well as in joint batch initiatives, developing and producing innovative scripts and formats for digital media platforms.


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